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the outcome of teamwork !

After several years of negotiation, the project of the new private dental school of Rabat in Morocco (International University of Rabat - UIR) finally became a reality with the inauguration of two new teaching labs on the 1st of October 2016. This success was made possible thanks to the patience and perseverance of Dr. Ismaël Yacoubi, CEO of Le MédicoDentaire and official importer of W&H in Morocco.

In collaboration with the University (UIR) and Dr. Yacoubi, the company Maecolux SA – Luxemburg (W&H’s liaison office for Africa) defined the specifications, coordinated the production and then, offered its expertise for the installation. The UIR has now two modern pre-clinical teaching rooms with 66 simulation benches for students and two simulation benches for teachers.

Create a realistic

working environment

for students ...


These simulators are equipped with frasaco’s phantom head PK-2 with torso and a prosthesic work station with extraction and dust extraction. The whip-arm delivery units are installed on a swivel in order to provide a realistic configuration, just like on a dental unit. Students are working with W&H’s rotary instruments from the Alegra range, including turbines plus speed reduction and increasing contra-angles. In order to improve the ergonomics and to deliver an effective and ideal education, the two teaching benches are equipped with ELIO multimedia operating light with integrated HD camera, made by Ekler in France. This allows the teacher to film the work on frasaco’s phantom head and to transmit it direct (or delayed) onto the LCD screens that are installed on each student bench. This up to date technology will help future Moroccan and African dentists to receive a realistic training for everyone’s benefit: practitioners, patients and the African public health, in order to preserve the African smile.

Written by Stan EUDIER, MAECOLUX SA  / Pictures by Ernst HEINIGER, W&H

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