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Focus on ozone therapy

Concerned with constantly offering innovative and useful solutions for dentists and their patients, the company MAECOLUX has been interested since 2014 in the use of ozone in the dental field.

The MAECOLUX team is proud to present this new catalog bringing together a full range of equipment and consumables allowing you to use ozone daily in your dental office.

About ozone

Ozone, or trioxygen, is a substance with the chemical formula O3, made up of three oxygen atoms. It is a strong oxidant and disinfectant.

Discovered at the end of the 18th century by the Dutch chemist Martin Van Marum and appointed by the German chemist Schonbein a few years later, this gas aroused great interest in the 19th century. The first ozone generators were quickly developed and the gas began to be used for therapeutic purposes and for the treatment of water.

The advent of antibiotics and cortisone partially overshadows its rise in the medical field.

Nonetheless, ozone has not stopped being used by the food industry and by many large cities for their production of drinking water and water treatment.

Today, ecological concerns and questions of antibiotic resistance have brought ozone therapy up to date. Promising research is being carried out by academics in Switzerland and the United States, and ozone is used by many dentists around the world, particularly in Germany.

Ozone properties

Used in high concentrations, ozone has bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal properties 3500 times more powerful than those of chlorinated compounds.

It is also used to sterilize water and purify air in confined atmospheres with the advantage of leaving no residue and not requiring the storage of hazardous products.

In dentistry, for example, ozone destroys the bacteria responsible for cavities while promoting the balance of the oral flora. The treatment, without anesthesia, limits the need for curettage of decayed areas and stimulates cell renewal.

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