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Focus on Ozone

January 01, 2020


Our Ethiopian Project

May 05, 2019

UIR - Rabat - 2016 - general2.jpeg

Morocco, the teamwork

September 30, 2016

Concerned with constantly offering innovative and useful solutions for dentists and their patients, the company MAECOLUX has been interested since 2014 in the use of ozone in the dental field.

The MAECOLUX team is proud to present this new catalog bringing together a full range of equipment and consumables allowing you to use ozone daily in your dental office.

After several years of discussion and setting up, our customer confirmed end of 2018 an order for 110 complete dental clinics to supply clinics through Ethiopia.

The whole of the goods has been dispatched and is now on the way to Addis Ababa. The clinics will be installed shortly and pictures will soon come on our website

Following lengthy negotiations, the project of the new private dental school of Rabat in Morocco (International University of Rabat - UIR) finally became a reality with the inauguration of two new teaching labs on the 1st of October 2016. This success was made possible thanks to the patience and perseverance of Dr. Ismaël Yacoubi, CEO of Le MédicoDentaire and official importer of W&H in Morocco.  

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